Embrace Your Dream Skin

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Inspired by Nature,
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Since it was first established, Avoskin is committed to provide the best products from natural ingredients. This commitment is the brand’s source of motivation to be innovative through the cultivation of sustainable sources, supported by advanced technology, to produce valuable products for your daily treatments. Realizing "Pesona Cantik Alami" (Natural Beauty), we believes that everyone, regardless of their gender, deserves to feel confident in their own skin.

Paola Serena

"Our secret potions to achieve your Dream Skin"

Avoskin collaborated with Paola Serena, to create the secret potion with the main ability to optimally moisturized, brighten, reduced appearance of dark spots, and reverse the age of the skin. The collaboration presents 3 products with superior formula that has been researched, experimented, and hopefully will able to answer the key secret of achieving your Dream Skin.

AvoskinXPaola Present: Miraculous Divine Aura Series

Avoskin Beauty x Paola Serena
Embrace Your Dream Skin

The Magical Element

Glow & Shiny Product

Avoskin Miraculous Divine aura ampoule

Rp 289.000

Avoskin Miraculous Divine Aura Toner - Essence

Rp 329.000

Avoskin Miraculous Divine Aura Liquid Sheet Mask

Rp 49.000


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